DIY Leather Hairband for men


Growing your hair takes patience and sometimes as long as a year before seeing anything that looks good to you.  Its not easy particularly at that ‘in between’ awkward stage where it falls in your face and yet its still not long enough to pull back.

Its annoying and distracting but take a look at these examples below all found on Pinterest and you’ll see why it so worth the persistence. There is a solution however to help with this crazy stage and its this quick, easy and cheap DIY for a leather hairband in 3 simple steps. If you are making it for ‘him’ it will keep his hair off his face and off his mind so he can get on with his stuff. And if you’re a guy please don’t go get a decent haircut. : )

Some long hair inspiration

Male bun pic1  Top from left ; Devran Taskensen, Christopher Mason & image from all found on Pinterest (Warning: don’t go there!)

This could equally be sewn with a machine or  hand sewn using a strong sharp needle with a strong thread like a waxed cotton or a polyester.

 What you’ll need :

  • 1 x strip of leather approx 45 x 2cm
  • 1 x length of elastic 7 x 2cm
  • Hand sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Waxed cotton or polyester thread
  • Cutting mat & knife and ruler

Hairband Tutorial supplies

How to:

1. Measure around around the head, following where the band will sit. Minus 10cm this will be for the elastic at the back and the seam allowances.  Cut a strip of leather to this measurement and approximately 2cm wide depending on the look you want to go for. Our measurements were 44 x 2cm.

Hairband detail


2. Cut a length of elastic 10cm long.  Attach it to the underside of the leather on one side, allowing for a 2cm overlap. Make several rows of stitching to secure it firmly. At this stage you can try it on and hold in place to get a secure fit.

3. Stitch the other side and you’re done.  Easy.


Hairband tutorial dodomaison

This example has a wider leather band than the one in the main picture which is only 1cm wide but you can make it to any width and colour you like.  You could also use faux leather or material but it really needs to be quite firm.

So what to call this post?  Leather male band?  Male hair band? Boy band? Man bun band?




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