DIY Display House shelf for Children in cardboard


This is just so cute, it was made it to display some of my linen elephants at an exposition but I think it would look really sweet in a child’s bedroom to house those little teddies and toys. You can make it any size you want but bare in mind that if you use foam boards like I did there will be a limit to how much weight you can apply. Its so simple and quick and you really don’t need much in the way of supplies.

What you will need:

6 x polyfoam boards but you could use cardboard or even light weight wood, Paper to decorate I used wrapping paper but again an alternative can be used such as wallpaper or material.

Display supplies dodomaison

How to:

If you are like me and tend to look at the pictures rather than the words this tutorial is right up your street.

Tape the three rectangles at the joins and fold up to form a U shape.

Place the larger rectangle underneath and tape all the joins. It will protrude beyond the sides but this is  ok as it will form part of the roof.

The roof is just 2 taped pieces of card formed into a V shape. Place this on the protruding end and cut away the excess.

Now attach the roof by taping it down at the back.

And there you have it you are finished. All that’s left now is to decorate your new home. You can use wrapping paper like I did or wallpaper, paint or even material. A self adhesive hook can be placed at the back if you want to hang it up but remember to watch the weight that’s placed on it.

 Let me know how it turns out, have fun!



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