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Here’s a sweet little DIY for a bridal headband. I can’t take credit for this idea, I just thought it was genius to turn a bridal diamante and pearl belt into a matching headband.  My brothers beautiful fiance has an equally beautiful twin sister who is getting married in August and so it was Natalie’s idea as she couldn’t find a matching headband to go with her existing belt.

So she bought two with the intent of customising the second and that’s where I came in.  Below you can see a picture of the belt before, it has a row of silver glass beads, pearls and diamantes hand sewn (individually!) onto a heavy weight ribbon belt.


This is not a difficult tutorial just a little care is needed if you are working with a similar belt with individually hand sewn beads as when you unpick one it loosens the others. The way to ensure this doesn’t happen is before cutting off the excess beads reinforce the ones you want to stay put with several extra stitches to secure then when you cut they won’t be affected.

What you will need:

12cm of 2″ elastic

Small piece of satin or self coloured material approx 10xcm x 14cm


Decide on the dimensions you want the band to be by measuring around the head at the position you want the band to rest.  Write down this measurement in our case it was 54 cm. Because 10cm of this will be elasticated minus this to give you a new measurement of 44cm.  Now cut away all of the excess ribbon at one end to just 3cm. You won’t need to  unpick any beads on this side.

Now measuring along the belt from the start of the first set of beads place a pin at the 44cm mark. The aim is to have it look exactly like the other side so start unpicking any of the beads that go over this mark. Remembering to secure the ones that are staying in place first.


Now cut a strip of satin to wrap around the elastic 6cm x 12cm.  Sew a 1cm seam and turn through and press. Insert elastic into the casing.


Turn under the raw edge and with the elastic inside slip over the excess ribbon and hand sew securely into place. If you find it too fiddly with the three layers you can hand sew the elastic into the satin casing first but its just as easy at this stage to do them all in one go.


And finally you just need to attach it to the other side. It’s at this stage where it’s much easier to secure the elastic to the inner side of the satin casing first as shown in the picture above. Folding in a small 1cm hem on the satin.


Now is a good time to try it on for size. So take the casing and  using the pointy end of a pair of scissors slip through the ribbon, hold with a safety pin to try on make any adjustments necessary and sew in to place.

Version 2

I should have a photograph soon to show of the bride to be wearing it which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

And here are some photos of Natalie experimenting with the hairband, I’ve included a few because I just couldn’t choose. They were taken on her hair and make up rehearsal day so thank you Natalie for allowing me to use them.

Bridalhairband front page



Bridal hairband 2


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