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There’s nothing quite like making your own handmade clothes, home decor or gifts. It’s a beautiful and satisfying way to express your creativity, personality and your unique style. But I would say that I’m truly obsessed with all things handmade, I’d like to think maybe you are too and that’s why you are here. And perhaps like me you have a million and one ideas, and projects on the go. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have the ideas, skills or the time, well if that’s the case then here you will see that you can start with very little of all of these.

On this blog I’m going to show practical and stylish things to make with photographic ‘how-to’s ‘ in case you really are like me and tend not to read instructions. I will also be doing a series of ‘Take care of you’ tutorials and projects to help you unwind and create more bliss into your life.

My name is Yasmine and I’m a Londoner who now calls France my home. After several years of studying, working and living handmade I decided to start my own business. I won’t bore you with details of  my BA in Textiles Design & other fashion related qualifications or my working life at YSL menswear, pattern cutting, buying and in tailoring.  But what I can tell you is that I design and make leather handbags and accessories and also a range of textile products for children which I sell here in a boutique in France and in the UK within a popular online store. And now here here in my web store.

So if you are new to sewing or want to refresh your skills and live locally to Angoulême I can help you in person: details here. I speak both French and English (possibly Frenglish) and teach in small classes or one to one. If you’re ready to get started right now you can head over to the blog and check out some of my tutorials.

Get in touch if you have  any future projects you would like to see here on this blog I’d love to hear from you.

So welcome to Dodomaison, enchanté *







Enchanté * such a lovely word, which means: nice to meet you.

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